Review: Searchmetrics

Searchmetrics review
Searchmetrics is an SEO and PPC platform fitted out with first-rate tools, and supported by helpful online resources. There are optimization tools for content, social, site structure, mobile SEO and more.
With Searchmetrics software, businesses can pinpoint consumer intent and strategize accordingly. Ultimately, the software is aimed at getting your potential customers to find you faster.

Review: Bing Ads

bing ads review

Bing Ads is a PPC platform used to create, manage and measure text-based and product ads. Your ads appear on Bing’s search engines under the search terms of your choosing.

Mostly US consumers are active on Bing’s search engine, so the PPC platform is more beneficial for businesses targeting markets in North America. For global reach, use Google AdWords or Yahoo Gemini.


Growth hacking: More than just a buzzword

growth hacking

Aaron Ginn once described growth hacking as a “mindset of data, creativity, and curiosity.”

Growth hacking was coined in 2010 by Sean Ellis, known for putting his marketing savvy behind DropBox and Qualaroo, and now using his experience to mentor more than 500 startups. Ellis’ ingenuity saw the creation of one of the most effective and most viral referral programs of the start up world. It was simple: ‘Get free space’. For every friend that a current Dropbox user invited, they received 500MB of free space.


Searchmetrics changes the [SEO] game

searchmetrics image

There are countless easily accessible, affordable SEO services available to business owners. However, if you’re unfamiliar with common search engine terminology – possibly one of the most acronym-filled jargon categories in existence – then you might find it difficult to DIY your SEO, or even know what your SEO needs are to begin with.

If you’re doing any SEO for your website then you’ve probably used Google Analytics, and I’d bet that you’ve also tried Google Adwords.

Have you looked into other platforms for SEO purposes? Here’s one you might like to consider.


Social media: Set yourself on the right path

social media set yourself on the right path

Farhad Khurshed

It’s understandable why business owners are increasingly turning to social media. Everyday social networks are host to thousands, even millions, of interactions between individuals and businesses. If you think about it, social media is simply an online network of potential customers. You just have to find out how to interact with them.

If you’re a business owner and aren’t using social media in your marketing you could be missing out on reaching a large proportion of your targeted consumers. Fast Company, reports that 93% of businesses now use social media as a marketing tool.